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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


The authentic tastes of the Mediterranean

Filippino Home 1Situated in the panoramic Municipality Square, nearby the Neolithic castle which hosts the Aeolian Museum, it is a rural, characteristic and atmospheric environment with a suggestive terrace where you can enjoy meals in the summertime. Today, after 100 years of history, Filippino is a modern and functional restaurant made up of two internal dining rooms and one great renewed air conditioned terrace.

The furnishing is of solid, dark wood and soft colours, giving an environment of elegance and sobriety, with antique furniture and a warm fire place. The proposed specialities are mainly linked to seafood recipes, traditional food, with dishes based on fresh fish daily fished together with the main traditional goods of the island, such as vegetables and oils which exalt the flavours. The restaurant also offers an optimal wine cellar with a selection of wine that includes over a 100 different labels apart from the eighty different kinds of grappa. On the whole, it supplies 250 seats. The welcoming and the care of the needs of each customer are always like home: as today like before in the first years of the 1900’s.



100 Years of Taste in the Aeolian Islands


Filippino Home Storia 1Filippino was born in 1910, when managed by the legendary Filippo Bernardi, called "Belvedere" and was a modest restaurant with dishes of fish.
Then, with the boom of the Aeolian Islands in the Second World War, the restaurant changes name and becomes a culinary reference. These were the years of neo-realism (and the movie "Volcano", 1950, with Anna Magnani, and "Stromboli, land of God", with Ingrid Bergman and directed by Rossellini) in which was born the myth of the Aeolian Islands.
The Republic founding fathers often sat at the tables of the Filippino: the Rosselli brothers, Basso, Parri, as well Edda Ciano, to confinement in Lipari. There is also a legend that the painter Monet, to pay a bill, left in pledge his painting.

In the second half of the 1900’s the restaurant’s name increased, which establishes itself as the temple of Mediterranean flavours, now run by descendants of the historic Filippo Bernardi: Antonio, Lucio, Antonio Jr. and Filippo.

For a rite of taste that is always renewed with traditional ingredients: welcoming, listening, customer focus and respect of the quality.


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